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Hilversum, 1 July 2024

DekTec PCIe Gen3 Cards Compatibility Issue in Gen4/Gen5 Slots

DekTec has identified, through customer reports, a compatibility issue where PCIe Gen3 cards may fail to initialize when inserted into PCIe Gen4 or Gen5 slots with the Data Link Feature Exchange (DLFE) enabled.

This problem occurs because DLFE messages from PCIe Gen4 slots are not recognized by Gen3 cards, potentially resulting in system stalls and undetectable cards on both Windows and Linux platforms. In some instances, this issue can prevent PCs from booting, displaying a "PCI bus enumeration" error.

To resolve this issue, users are advised to disable DLFE in the BIOS settings. For detailed instructions, please visit our disabling DLFE page.

Hilversum, 28 March 2024

Simplifying SMPTE 2110, ATSC 3.0 with DekTec's Advanced Solutions

At NAB this year, we are eager to show how effortlessly our customers can create SMPTE 2110 applications, sidestepping complex technical details like PTP timing.

Our highlights, the DTA-2110 10G and DTA-2125 25G SmartNICs, are fully integrated with the DekTec SDK and our Test & Measurement software. These advanced PCIe cards are crafted to simplify the creation of 2110 solutions, freeing designers to focus on the creative aspects of their A/V projects.

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Moreover, we're excited to present our comprehensive toolkit for ATSC 3.0. From generation to reception and detailed analysis, DekTec delivers a full suite of tools for every facet of ATSC 3.0 testing. Join us for live demonstrations at the DekTec stand, where we'll showcase the capabilities and advantages of our ATSC 3.0 solutions.

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We will also display our full range of current hardware products and demonstrate the latest advancement in our industry-standard player and analyzer software, StreamXpress and StreamXpert.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit us and meet our team, including design engineers, at LVCC West Hall Booth W3501.