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DTM-3224 - Quad ASI To IP Conversion Module  


Quad ASI To IP Conversion Module

The DTM-3224 is a highly-integrated and cost-effective OEM module for converting four ASI transport streams to IP. The next-generation architecture of this device has support for IPv6 and for IGMP v3, enabling source-specific multicast.


Key Characteristics

Function Quad ASI to IP conversion
Control Serial via USB, I2C or RS-232
IP protocol IPv4, IPv6
Encapsulation SMPTE 2022-2
Bitrate 214Mbps max per port
750Mbps max total
Latency <1ms

Inputs and Outputs

Ethernet RJ-45 1GbE
ASI inputs 4x 75-Ω MCX
USB control Mini-USB connector
RS-232, I2C Pin header, 2.54mm pitch
Power 12V±10%
4W typical, 5W max

Latest Firmware


DTM-3224759Stock: 25+
Quad ASI to IP conversion module.
DTM-3224-DEVKIT872Stock: 25+
Development kit, consisting of DTM-3224, power supply, USB cable and four MCX-to-BNC cable assemblies for ASI port.
OEMOn request
For OEM development, we have special volume pricing. Please contact us to discuss your requirement.

Prices exclude applicable sales tax, shipping charges and customs duties. Quantity discounts may be available, please request a quotation.


  • High-density variant of the DTM-3200 for converting 4 transport streams from ASI to IP.
  • By processing packets entirely in hardware, the input-to-output latency is kept low (<1ms) and no unnecessary jitter is introduced.
  • IP output can be multicast over a network to potentially many receivers. IPv6 and source-specific multicast (SSM) are supported.


  • Use the DTM-3224 as an "I/O extender" for adding ASI inputs to transport-stream processing equipment (e.g. multiplexers) that receive all streams over a network port.
  • Multi-channel ASI to IP gateways.
  • Feed ASI signals to a PC application via the PC's standard network port.

Control Software

The DTM-3224 can be controlled through one of the available serial interfaces. Settings applied are stored in nonvolatile memory on the unit, and automatically reloaded after a power cycle. It is not possible to configure the device via the Ethernet interface.

DekTec provides the following software for controlling the DTM-3224:

  • Dtm3224Util - Windows tool to view status, to control settings and to upload firmware. This tool is convenient for initial configuration and for experimentation with the DTM-3224.
  • DtmHandler - A set of C functions, also useable from C++, implementing a protocol handler. With these functions, controlling the DTM-3224 from your application becomes really easy. Full source code is available, so that you can use the protocol handler functions with any compiler.
  • DtmCmd - Windows/Linux command line tool for controlling the DTM-3224. DtmCmd is an example of using the DtmHandler functions.

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