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T2Xpert - DVB-T2 Analysis Software  


DVB-T2 Analysis Software

Real-time DVB-T2 analyzer software with advanced RF measurements in detailed graphs and displaying of all T2 signaling information.
Features single-PLP and multi-PLP reception, T2-Lite and T2-MI output over IP.


Key Characteristics

Standards DVB-T2, EN 302 755
T2-MI, ETSI TS 102 773
Bandwidth 1.7, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10MHz
Profile T2-base
Fields in GUI RF-level, C/N, MER
PLP parameters
T2 signaling info
#LDPC iterations
Graphs in GUI Transfer function
Impulse response
Constellation per PLP
Data output Transport Stream over IP
Full stream in T2-MI over IP

Supported Receivers

PCI Express DTA-2131B

PC Support

OS Windows 7*, 8*, 10, 11
Win Server 12*, 16, 19, 22

* From June 2023, driver updates for Windows 7, 8, and Server 2012 will no longer be provided. Application installers will include June 2023 drivers as the final versions for these editions.

CPU Core i7-4xxx or above

Or AMD equivalent


DTA-2131B-XPRT2.857Stock: 25+
Multi-standard cable/terrestrial receiver for PCIe with Atsc3Xpert, C2Xpert, T2Xpert.
DTA-2131B-XPRT-SX4.063Stock: 25+
Multi-standard cable/terrestrial receiver for PCIe with Atsc3Xpert, C2Xpert, T2Xpert and StreamXpert analyzer software.

Prices exclude applicable sales tax, shipping charges and customs duties. Quantity discounts may be available, please request a quotation.


  • Real-time DVB-T2 analysis software for use with DTA-2131B (PCIe) and DTU-331 RF probes.
  • Shows all T2 parameters, signal details and RF measurements in a concise user interface.
  • Gathers statistics about number of LDPC iterations required to correct all errors and displays LDPC iterations history in a graph.


  • General-purpose DVB-T2 receiver and analyzer for R&D in the lab or in the field.
  • Checking all aspects of DVB-T2 signals, e.g. for validating DVB-T2 modulators.
  • DVB-T2 demonstrations or trials.
  • Teaching, showing several constellations, the effect of multi-path echo's, etc.


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