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DTE-3137 - DVB-S2 Satellite Receiver  


DVB-S2 Satellite Receiver

DekTec's standalone power-over-ethernet enabled DVB-S2 Satellite Receiver, allowing reception of the full Transport Stream and transmit it to IP and ASI networks.

DTE-3137 Product
Discontinuance Notice

The DTE-3137 is an obsolete product that is no longer in production. It is still supported and available in limited quantities, but not recommended to be used in new designs.


Key Characteristics

Control Webinterface
Standards DVB-S
DVB-S2 modes QPSK
16/32-APSK (CCM only)
Tuning range 950 .. 2150MHz
Bitrate Up to 108Mbps
Sensitivity -30 .. -60dBm
LNB supply 13V/18V (0/22kHz)
IP encapsulation IPv4
RTP (SMPTE 2022-2)
FEC SMPTE 2022-1
ASI specifications DVB-ASI (coax) EN50083-9

Inputs and Outputs

Ethernet connector RJ-45
1x RF in 75-Ω F-type
1x ASI out 75-Ω BNC

PC Support

OS Windows 10, 11
Windows Server 16, 19, 22
Linux ≥2.6.18, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x

Latest Firmware

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DVB-S2 satellite receiver.
DTE-RACKOn request
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Table stand for one DTE-31XX unit.

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  • Compact standalone satellite receiver with full transport-stream output on IP and DVB-ASI
  • DVB-S2 demodulation with 16/32-APSK support, as well as legacy DVB-S support
  • LCD status display shows device identifier, mode, carrier frequency, level, SNR, BER and IP/MAC address
  • Power-over-Ethernet support: No separate power feed required
  • LNB power insertion


  • General-purpose receiver for obtaining the full Transport Stream from a DVB-S/S2 signal
  • SMATV: Redistribution of satellite TV
  • Portable demo set
  • On-site recording and analysis of DVB-S/S2 streams

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