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DTA-2174B - Quad 3G-SDI/ASI Ports (1x12G) for PCIe  


Quad 3G-SDI/ASI Ports (1x12G) for PCIe

The industry workhorse for interfacing uncompressed video to PCs, attractively priced. Perfect for 4K encoders/decoders thanks to 12G and quad-link 3G support. The card can be configured for a variety of other SDI/ASI-processing applications.


Key Characteristics

Ports 1x 12G-SDI/ASI in/out
3x 3G-SDI/ASI in/out
1x genlock in
Features 10-bit full frame access
Low latency
A/V/anc extraction/insertion
Scaling: 1/4, 1/16
API DekTec Matrix API® 2.0

(Matrix API is part of DTAPI)


Connectors 5x 75-Ω micro BNC
Cable length ASI/SD-SDI - 350m
HD-SDI - 200m
3G-SDI - 150m
6G-SDI - 55m
12G-SDI - 50m
PCI Express Low-profile PCIe gen3 x4


Link 12G-SDI - SMPTE 2082
6G-SDI - SMPTE 2081
3G-SDI - SMPTE 424M (A+B)
4K multi-link SMPTE 425-5
Video formats 2160p, 1080p, 1080psf
1080i, 720p, 525i, 625i

All common formats supported

DVB-ASI EN50083-9 (coax)
0 to 214 Mbps

PC Support

OS Windows 10, 11
Windows Server 16, 19, 22
Linux ≥2.6.18, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x
Processor Core i5 minimum
Core i7 recommended

Or equivalent AMD CPUs

Airflow ≥2m/s (400LFM)


StreamXpress Playout TS- and SDI files
SpRcApi StreamXpress remote-control API for automated playout
StreamXpert Our industry-standard transport-stream analyzer
SdEye SDI analyzer for detailed inspection of audio, video and ancillary data
VF-REC SDI/TS recorder with looping, scheduling and more
DekTec SDKs Create your own application


The DTA-2174B is controlled by firmware that is located in on-board flash memory. You can upgrade or downgrade the firmware in the field.

Please refer to the DTA-2174B firmware page to view available firmware versions, and how to upgrade or downgrade to a specific firmware version.


The DTA-2174B is part of the DekTec-for-Developers range. Attractive OEM arrangements are available, please contact DekTec to discuss your options.

DTA-2174B827Stock: 25+
Quad 3G-SDI/ASI ports (1x12G) for PCIe.

The DTA-2174B comes with a full-height PCIe bracket mounted and a low-profile bracket in the box (except for OEM sales). Use DTA-2174B-LP to order a DTA-2174B with low-profile bracket mounted.

DTA-2174B-SLP1.067Stock: 25+
Quad 3G-SDI/ASI ports (1x12G) for PCIe with StreamXpert Lite and StreamXpress player software.
DTA-2174B-SXP2.193Stock: 25+
Quad 3G-SDI/ASI ports (1x12G) for PCIe with StreamXpert analyzer and StreamXpress player software.
DTA-2174B-SY-SXP3.015Stock: 25+
Quad 3G-SDI/ASI ports (1x12G) for PCIe with SdEye and StreamXpert analyzer and StreamXpress player software.

Prices exclude applicable sales tax, shipping charges and customs duties. Quantity discounts may be available, please request a quotation.


BNC to micro-BNC conversion cable (25cm).
Micro-BNC circular nut driver. Tool for loosening and tightening micro-BNC nuts for swapping PCIe brackets.

If the total order amount is less than EUR 200, shipping/handling costs of EUR 25 will be charged.


  • Ports can be fully configured from software as a) 4x independent 3G-SDI/ASI, b) 1x 12G-SDI with ASI/SDI side channel, or c) quad-link 4K.
  • External synchronization of SDI outputs with analogue genlock port that accepts bi- and tri-level sync signals.
  • The smart architecture of the DTA-2174B enables a cost-effective hardware design, unrivaled by other cards in the market.


  • Software-based 4K decoder and/or encoder with 12G-SDI or quad-link 3G-SDI interfacing.
  • 4K decoder with 12G-SDI and downscaled triply-buffered HD/3G-SDI monitoring output.
  • Multi-port SDI and/or ASI applications, e.g.:
    • Live production mixers;
    • Transport-stream multiplexers;
    • SDI multi viewers;
    • Multi-channel transcoding to/from IP.

Block Diagram

The DTA-2174B features four send/receive channels consisting of cable equalizer/driver, Matrix API logic and high-performance DMA controller. Some typical configurations are shown below.

Please refer to the Firmware Variants application note (see "Documentation pane on the left) for an in-depth description of the various configuration options.

Four independent 3G-SDI/ASI channels

Each channel can be configured (i) as input or output, and (ii) as ASI or SDI (SD, HD or 3G).

Quad-link 4K input or output

In these configurations a single 4K stream is sent to or received from the software. The firmware converts the 4K signal to/from a SMPTE 425-5 quad-link signal.

12G-SDI with ASI/SDI side channel

A main 12G-SDI input or output channel with a "side channel" that can be used independently for e.g. downscaled SDI output (up to 3G-SDI), or an ASI input or output. If the side channel is an output, it can be triply-buffered on ports 2, 3 and 4.

DekTec Matrix API® 2.0

The Matrix-API framework decodes incoming SDI data into pixels (in a programmable format), audio samples and ANC data structures. When a new frame has been received, the framework calls a user-supplied "frame-processor callback" for processing of the data. The user callback can create output video, audio and ANC data, which is encoded by the framework into SDI frames.

Synchronization of multiple input streams is straightforward: The video/audio/anc data of all SDI frames supplied to the callback function have the same arrival time by definition. Past frames can be accessed by an integer frame index. The framework ensures that if frames from different input ports have the same frame index, they have entered the system at the same time instance.

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DekTec Matrix API® 2.0 supports the DTA-2174B and all products listed below. Applications designed for one of these cards will run virtually unaltered on any of the other cards.

DTA-2174B Bird's Eye View