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The DekTec portfolio of software applications consists of test and measurement applications for generating test signals and analyzing DTV streams, and operational software such as a fully configurable real-time multiplexer.

These applications serve both end-users and system integrators.


Software Products

Mainstream DekTec Applications

DTC-300-SP - Stream Player for R&D, Testing and Demos

StreamXpress – Stream Player for R&D, Testing and Demos

  • Includes modulator GUIs
  • Endless play with PCR correction
  • Selective error injection
DTC-320-SX - Real-Time Stream Analyzer

StreamXpert – Real-Time Stream Analyzer

  • Decoding of DVB/SI and ATSC/PSIP
  • TR 101 290 templates
  • Live decoding, PCR analysis, PID grid
DTC-700-MX - Real-Time Transport-Stream Multiplexer

MuxXpert – Real-Time Transport-Stream Multiplexer

  • Remultiplexing services and components
  • Table adaptation and generation
  • Multiple integrated file players

Advanced Recording

DTC-316-VR - Advanced TS/SDI Recording Software

VF-REC – Advanced TS/SDI Recording Software

  • Capturing of TS, ETI, SDI, T2MI, I/Q samples
  • Multi-file, looped and scheduled recording
  • Remote monitoring and control of SNMP

Advanced Analysis

DTC-335-SY - Real-Time SDI Analyzer

SdEye – Real-Time SDI Analyzer

  • YCbCr waveforms and vectorscope
  • SDI structure and audio peak meter
  • Contemporary user interface
DTC-340-RX - RF Monitoring and Analysis Software

RFXpert – RF Monitoring and Analysis Software

  • 8VSB/QAM RF analysis & monitoring
  • RF level, MER, Pre-BER, Post-BER
  • Spectrum, constellation, eye diagram