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Download DekTec applications here. The applications on this page require a license, which you can purchase from DekTec or one of its distributors.

DekTec's free utilities, such as DtInfo, can be downloaded form our Utilities page.


Installing DekTec Licenses

DekTec licenses are shipped as files with .dtlic extension. The application note below describes how you can install such license files.

Running Installers on Windows 7/8/10

Please use "Run as administrator" to run set-up programs (installers) on Windows 7, 8/8.1 and on Windows 10.

This command is available by right-clicking the (extracted) executable Setup.exe file.

Mainstream DekTec Applications

StreamXpert 2 – Real-time transport-stream analyzer

Industry-standard real-time transport-stream analyzer.

Note: StreamXpert 2 is a chargeable upgrade from StreamXpert v1.

StreamXpert v2.16.1

November 2021

StreamXpert 2.16 zip file 73MB

StreamXpert v1.36.2

September 2014

StreamXpert 1.0 zip file 27MB

StreamXpress – DekTec stream player

Industry-standard file player for streaming to any DekTec output port.

StreamXpress v3.28.1

July 2021

StreamXpress zip file 67MB

MuxXpert – Real-time transport-stream multiplexer

Real-time multiplexer with GUI.

MuxXpert v2.19.0

September 2020

MuxXpert zip file 116MB

Xpect Mosaic – 24/7 TS monitoring and multiviewer

24/7 transport stream monitoring.

Xpect v3.6.0

September 2020

Xpect Mosaic zip file 182MB

Advanced Recording

VF-REC – Advanced TS/SDI recording software

Advanced recording software for any use case, from single file to full 24/7 compliance recording.

VfRec v3.5.14

June 2021

VF-REC zip file 159MB

VfRec v1.22.0

August 2016

VF-REC zip file 58MB

Advanced Analysis

SdEye – Real-time SDI analyzer

In-depth SDI analysis and waveform monitor.

SdEye v3.8.0

February 2021

SdEye zip file 56MB

DtJitter – Real-time jitter analysis

IP jitter analysis.

DtJitter v2.2.1

February 2018

DtJitter zip file 22MB

DVB Analyzer – Advanced transport-stream analysis

Advanced real-time and offline transport-stream analysis.

DvbAnalyzer v1.1.683

October 2021

DVB Analyzer zip file 159MB

Zond 265 – Offline deep HEVC/EVC analyzer

In-depth offline HEVC video analyzer and HEVC compliance checking.

Zond v5.0.2111.12

November 2021

Zond 265 zip file 54MB

Qualify – AVC/MP2 video quality analyzer

AVC/MPEG-2 elementary stream and video quality analyzer.

Qualify v1.8.39

May 2013

Qualify zip file 92MB

RF Analysis and Generation

Atsc3Xpress – ATSC-3 signal generator software

ATSC-3 signal generation and modulation software.

Atsc3Xpress v1.14.0

November 2019

Atsc3Xpress zip file 47MB

Atsc3Xpert – ATSC-3 reception and analysis software

ATSC-3 RF analysis software.

Atsc3Xpert v1.20.2

February 2021

Atsc3Xpert zip file 22MB

C2Xpert – DVB-C2 analysis software

DVB-C2 RF analysis software.

C2Xpert v1.5.3

September 2020

C2Xpert zip file 22MB

C2Xpress – DVB-C2 signal generator software

DVB-C2 signal generator software.

C2Xpress v1.16.0

October 2015

C2Xpress zip file 28MB

RFXpert – RF monitoring and analysis software

RF analysis and monitoring for DTU-236A and DTU-238.
Use RFXpert v2.6.5 for DTU-234, 235 and 236.

RFXpert v3.1.1

September 2016

RFXpert zip file 22MB

RFXpert v2.6.5

September 2016

RFXpert zip file 38MB

T2Xpert – DVB-T2 analysis software

In-depth DVB-T2 analysis with T2-MI output option.

T2Xpert v1.9.1

February 2021

T2Xpert zip file 22MB

T2Xpress – DVB-T2 signal generator software

Advanced DVB-T2 signal generation and modulation.

T2Xpress v2.7.0

May 2018

T2Xpress zip file 45MB

TmmXpress – ISDB-Tmm signal generator software

ISDB-Tmm modulator and signal generator software.

TmmXpress v1.1.0

April 2014

TmmXpress zip file 25MB