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Encoders - Options  

Encoders - Options

DekTec encoder products include a license for H.264 and MPEG-2 video encoding. No additional video-encoding options are available.

On the audio front, several encoding options are available as described below.


Software Products

Audio Encoding - GOLD Option

The audio GOLD option (-AG) is the most flexible and in typical cases also the most cost-effective audio-encoding option. With the audio GOLD option any number of AC-3 and AAC channels (mono, stereo or 5.1 surround) and any number of MPEG-1 Layer II channels (mono, stereo) may be encoded.

Product Type Option Audio Encoding Supported by Price
DTC-394-AG -AG Audio "GOLD"


DTC-395-AG -AG Audio "GOLD"



Audio Encoding - Single-Standard Options

For certain applications with a limited number of audio channels, it may be useful to tailor the audio-encoding licenses to the exact number of channels required. For this purpose the audio licenses listed in the table below are available.

Product Type Option Audio Encoding Supported by Price


68 per point
DTC-392-DD (1..N) -DDn Dolby Digital (AC-3)


100 per point
DTC-393-MPA (1..N) -MPAn MPEG-1 Layer II


46 per point

Each mono service requires 1 point, each stereo service 2 points, and each 5.1 surround service 6 points. The total number of points must be even. The price calculator at the bottom of this page can be used to compute pricing and to check whether a particular configuration is valid.

Audio-Encoding - Limitations

On the DTA-2180, the following limitations apply to the audio-encoding configuration:

  • The total number of mono- and stereo audio services may not exceed 8.
  • For AAC and AC-3, a maximum of 2 surround services can be encoded. For MPEG-1 Layer II surround is not supported.
  • 2 surround services can be combined with a maximum of 2 mono- and/or stereo services.
  • 1 surround service can be combined with a maximum of 5 mono- and/or stereo services.

The limitations above also apply to the audio-encoding configuration of each encoder on the DTA-2182. On top of that:

  • For AC-3 a minimum of 4 points is required.

The price calculator below checks these constraints.

Audio-Encoding - Calculator

The calculator below can be used for the following purposes:

  • To check whether a certain combination of mono-, stereo- and 5.1 surround audio encoding is supported by the selected DekTec encoder card.
  • To determine the best (lowest price) audio-encoding option(s) for achieving the requested combination of audio-encoding functions.
  • To compute the list price of the bundle of DekTec encoder card with audio-encoding options.

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