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DTA-2182 - Dual H.264 HD Encoder for PCIe  


Dual H.264 HD Encoder for PCIe

Dual-channel version of the DTA-2180: Two H.264 HD encoders on a single compact PCIe card. Robust video encoding based on the field-proven Magnum encoder chip. No CPU cycles are spent for encoding.

The DTA-2182 is an obsolete product that is no longer in production.


Key Characteristics

Video encoding H.264/AVC
MPEG-2 Video
Video format 525i, 625i, 720p
1080i, 1080p up to p30
8-bit 4:2:0
Encoded bitrate 256kbps to 80Mbps
Latency 150 to 650ms
Audio encoding Dolby Digital (AC3)
MPEG-1 Layer II
Audio channels Up to 8x stereo or 2x 5.1
per encoder
Ancillary data Closed captions, AFD, VITC

Inputs and Outputs

Ports 2x HD-SDI in
2x ASI out
Connectors 4x 75-Ω DIN 1.0/2.3
PCI Express Low-profile PCIe gen2 x4

Requires power supply connection through 6-pin PCIe power connector

Profiles and Levels

H.264/AVC High, Main
Level: 3, 3.1, 3.2, 4, 4.1
MPEG-2 Video High, Main, Simple
Level: High, High 1440, Main

PC Support

OS Windows 10, 11
Windows Server 16, 19, 22
Linux ≥2.6.18, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x
Processor Core i5 minimum

Or equivalent AMD CPU


DtEnc Windows application to set encoding parameters and check input & encoder status
DekTec SDKs Create your own Windows or Linux application with audio/video encoding via the DTA-2182


DTA-21821.975No stock
Low-latency H.264 / MPEG-2 video encoder for SD and HD, without audio-encoding licenses.
Audio-Encoding Options
DTA-2182-AG2.581No stock
Dual H.264 HD encoder for PCIe with with AC3, AAC and/or MP1LII audio encoding for any number of channels.
DTA-2182-AAC22.111No stock
Dual H.264 HD encoder for PCIe with 2 license points (1x stereo) for AAC audio encoding.
DTA-2182-DD42.375No stock
Dual H.264 HD encoder for PCIe with 4 license points (2x stereo) for Dolby Digital (AC3) audio encoding.
DTA-2182-MPA22.067No stock
Dual H.264 HD encoder for PCIe with 2 license points (1x stereo) for MPEG-1 Layer II audio encoding.

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  • Real-time H.264 or MPEG-2 video encoding for HD and SD formats, with integrated multi-channel AAC, AC3 or MP1LII audio encoding.
  • On-board multiplexer with low-latency ASI output. The transport stream is also available on PCIe for reading and optional further processing by a PC application.


  • Multi-channel H.264 program encoder for real-time encoding of multiple HD-SDI signals.
  • Encoding and tunnelling multiple TV services over IP.

Block Diagram

The encoder input is taken from one of the two HD-SDI ports and the A/V signal is split into a video part and maximally 8 audio pairs. An audio crosspoint switch connects these audio pairs to any of the 8 audio encoders. The DTA-2182 can also extract Dolby metadata in RDD6 format from the SDI input signal.

DTA-2182 block diagram

The audio, video and closed captions are encoded and multiplexed using a Magnum encoder. The resulting transport stream is connected in hardware to an ASI output port, providing low latency. The transport stream is also routed to the PCIe bus, so that applications can read and process or forward the encoded transport stream, for example to IP.

Creating an Application for the DTA-2182

The DTA-2182 can be used out of the box with the DtEnc utility, see below (Windows only). Creating a custom application for the DTA-2182, either on Windows or on Linux, is easy with the DekTec SDK (DTAPI). A dedicated reference document is available, containing a description of the audio/video encoding classes and a tutorial with examples on how to use them. It is included in the Windows and Linux DekTec SDK distribution file, available on the downloads/SDK page.

DtEnc - Controlling the Encoder

DtEnc is a free Windows application for controlling the encoding parameters of the DTA-2182, and for monitoring the input- and encoder status. Multiple instances of DtEnc can be started to control each of the two encoders on the card. The main parameters that can be set are the audio- and video-encoding parameters. The screenshots below provide an impression of the parameters that can be set and monitored with DtEnc.

  • DtEnc screenshot 1
  • DtEnc screenshot 2
  • DtEnc screenshot 3
  • DtEnc screenshot 4

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