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DekTec - History  

DekTec - History

DekTec serves the professional digital television market for 20 years with a complete range of PC interface adapters and standalone IP converters, supported by test and measurement applications, operational software and SDKs.


A Short History

DekTec Digital Video was founded in the year 2000 in the Netherlands by two engineers coming from Philips Digital Video Systems, Sito Dekker and Maarten Ghijsen, currently CEO and Head of Development of DekTec.

DekTec's first products, DVB-ASI and DVB-SPI output adapters for PCI bus, were launched in 2001, together with the StreamXpress® playout software. A steady stream of new PCI, PCI Express and USB devices followed. In 2004, the first USB device in the FantASI family was introduced, along with the StreamXpert® transport-stream analyzer software. Immediately these won prestigious awards at NAB and IBC.

In addition to the growing range of transport-stream adapters, DekTec has been at the forefront of PCI and USB modulators. This product line started in 2004 with the DTA-107 satellite modulator, followed by several VHF/UHF modulators. In 2010 the modulator line was enriched with the DTU-215 VHF/UHF modulator for USB. It is a summit of technology, featuring an all-digital modulator in a compact slick case, getting its power from the USB bus, while supporting a wide range of modulation standards.

At the software front, DekTec licensed software-multiplexing technology from Philips and expanded it to create the most versatile multiplexing platform in the market, the MuxXpert. In 2005 work was started to create an innovative monitoring solution from the ground up. The result, Xpect Mosaic, was brought on the market at the end of 2009, immediately winning a Pick Hit award at NAB 2010.

Another interesting software technology available from DekTec is software-defined reception (SDR). A receiver has been developed that demodulates world's most sophisticated modulation standards, DVB-C2 and DVB-T2, in real-time on a standard PC with a Core i7 CPU, entirely in software starting from I/Q samples. These software demodulators are available commercially for the DTA-2131 SDR receiver and the advanced demodulator API, which is part of DTAPI.

In 2010, the international operations were expanded by opening DekTec America Inc. It is tasked with developing sales and service within the North-American markets, including USA, Canada and Mexico. In 2013 a development center was added, which is currently developing encoding, decoding and 10GigE products for further extension of the DekTec product portfolio.

Today, many companies in the world operating in the digital-video arena use DekTec Test & Measurement products for R&D, field maintenance, demonstrations, production, infrastructure, etc. Many well-known broadcast equipment manufacturers OEM our PCIe interfaces to create encoders, decoders, test equipment etc.

DekTec is distributed in over 40 countries and products are used on a daily basis by all major broadcasters in the world. We are constantly expanding our engineering talent, creating more products and working hard to shape the future of digital television.