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DekTec - Jobs in Colorado  

DekTec - Jobs in Colorado

DekTec America is seeking passionate and inventive engineers to design and develop leading edge professional digital video products. The Colorado development team is small but focused with the goal of becoming DekTec's main hardware/firmware design center.



DekTec America Inc.
1020 W. 124th Ave., Suite 100
Westminster, Colorado 80234


For more information or to apply please email your resume to

FPGA Design Engineer Internship
for our Westminster, Colorado Design Center

DekTec designs and manufactures PC add-on cards, USB- and IP devices, and corresponding software for the professional digital-television market. DekTec has its headquarters in Hilversum, Netherlands, and a sales office/development center in Colorado.

DekTec America is seeking a passionate, self-driven and detail-oriented student to investigate mechanisms to configure FPGA on a DekTec cards over the PCIe bus.

Internship Job Description

All DekTec PCIe cards include an intel (Altera) FPGA device for implementing the main functionality. Traditionally, when the PC boots, the FPGA loads firmware from an onboard dedicated flash memory chip, rendering the PCIe card functional. Being able to upload the FPGA from the driver would be a great benefit, as this is much more flexible and easier to upgrade.

The goal of this internship is to implement a method to upload the FPGA directly from the driver.


  • Understand the current method of loading an FPGA from the onboard flash.
  • Explore the Configuration via Protocol (CvP) method to upload an image to an FPGA.
  • Develop demonstrator firmware and software to upload an FPGA image.
  • Analyze the limitations of CvP and determine what needs to be considered when designing FPGAs that can be uploaded via CvP.


  • Electrical engineering/Computer science major.
  • Excellent analytical skills.
  • Affinity and preferable some experience with programming in C, C++ and/or VHDL.


  • Working on a real-world project with skilled firmware and software engineers.
  • Flexible schedule for students.
  • Compensation available.
  • Must be a US citizen or legally authorized to work in the US as a permanent resident.