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Upgrading/downgrading firmware

The DTA-2172 is controlled by firmware that is located in on-board flash memory.
You can upgrade or downgrade the firmware in the field. This page lists the firmware versions available for the DTA-2172, and how to perform the upgrade or downgrade.


Windows - Upgrading with DtInfo

On Windows, you can use DtInfo to upgrade the DTA-2172 to the latest available firmware.


DtInfo cannot be used to downgrade to a previous firmware version. Use DtEpc for that.


Start DtInfo on a PC containing the DTA-2172. If the dialog indicates that new firmware is available, press Upgrade. The on-board flash chip will be reprogrammed; this will take a while (about one minute).


To avoid permanent damage, DO NOT turn off the PC while upgrading with DtInfo.

Linux/Windows - Using DtEpc

DtEpc is a command line tool for flashing any firmware version from the table at the right. DtEpc can be run on Linux and Windows.


1. Download the desired firmware version and unzip. Launch a command prompt in the directory where you put the firmware.
2. If the system contains multiple cards, list the devices in the system using command:
  dtepc -d 0
  Identify the device ID of the card to be flashed; this will be '1' if there is only one device.
3. Flash the firmware:
  dtepc -d 1 -ps Dta2172_v2.rpd
  (use e.g. -d 2 if device ID is 2.)
4. Activate the new firmware.
  - Run the following command:
  dtepc -d 1 -b
  - On Linux, reboot the PC.


To avoid permanent damage, DO NOT turn off the PC while running dtepc ‑ps.

Upgrade Utilities

You can download DtInfo and DtEpc from the Downloads - Utilities page.

Firmware Shipped

  • The DTA-2172 is currently shipped with firmware version 1 (not the latest version!)
  • On request, DekTec can ship DTA-2172 with the latest firmware version 2.

Firmware Revision History

The zip files below contain images that can be programmed into the DTA-2172's flash with DtEpc. Please refer to the column on the left for instructions.

DTA-2172 Firmware Version 2 January 2024 32MB
  • NTSC genlock signals can now be used to genlock fractional (U)HD outputs
  • Added clock counters to enable syncing of a user clock with the transmit clock
  • Optimized internal buses for improved maximum DMA throughput
  • Fixes corrupted SDI output triggered by occurrence of FFEFFBFEh pattern in video

Firmware version 2 requires the Jan2024 SDK with DtPcie driver v3.3.0 or later.

DTA-2172 Firmware Version 1 June 2021 32MB
  • Support for configuring a double-buffered output
  • Updated PCI(e) class code to 0x048000 (Multimedia-controller)
  • Fixes rare issue were valid software licenses would not be detected/accepted
  • Fixes bug with potential to corrupt the stored firmware image during a PC reboot
  • Fixes bug where underflows in transmit path were not always reported

Firmware version 1 requires the Jul2021 SDK with DtPcie driver v1.13.6 or later.

DTA-2172 Firmware Version 0 May 2019 32MB

First firmware version released to the field

Firmware version 0 requires the May2019 SDK with DtPcie driver v1.2.0 or later.