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DTA-2178-ASI - Octal ASI ports for PCIe  


Octal ASI ports for PCIe

Eight bi-directional ASI ports on a low-profile PCIe card at a price of about €100 per channel. Each port is configurable from software as input or output.


Key Characteristics

Ports 8x ASI in/out
Features Arrival timestamping
Inverted ASI
Flexible receive modes


Connectors 8x 75-Ω micro BNC
Cable length 350m
PCI Express Low-profile PCIe gen3 x8

Can operate in a PCIe gen2 slot


DVB-ASI EN50083-9 (coax)
0 to 214 Mbps

PC Support

Linux ≥2.6.31, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x
Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
Server 12, 16, 19
Processor Core i5 minimum
Core i7 recommended

Or equivalent AMD CPUs


StreamXpress Playout transport-stream files
SpRcApi StreamXpress remote-control API for automated playout
StreamXpert Our industry-standard transport-stream analyzer
VF-REC SDI/TS recorder with looping, scheduling and more
DekTec SDKs Create your own application


DTA-2178-ASI975No stock
Octal ASI ports for PCIe.
DTA-2178-ASI-SLP1.206No stock
Octal ASI ports for PCIe with StreamXpert Lite and StreamXpress player software.
DTA-2178-ASI-SXP2.289No stock
Octal ASI ports for PCIe with StreamXpert analyzer and StreamXpress player software.

Prices exclude applicable sales tax, shipping charges and customs duties. Quantity discounts may be available, please request a quotation.


  • All eight ASI ports operate independently.
  • Ideal for applications with a high port count, like multiplexers, multi-channel playout etc.
  • DekTec's SDKs, including DTAPI and DTAPI-TS, help you create real-time applications that receive and or transmit ASI transport streams.


  • Applications with many ASI I/Os, e.g.:
    • Transport-stream multiplexer;
    • Compliance recording;
    • Multi-channel receiver, monitor, playout;
    • Gateway to or from IP.
  • Your custom PC application or product that requires a high ASI port count.
  • Block Diagram

    The DTA-2178-ASI features eight independent transmit/receive channels, each consisting of a cable equalizer, ASI receiver, ASI encoder/transmitter, channel logic, a FIFO, a DMA controller and a PCIe interface.

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