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Zond 265 - Offline deep HEVC/EVC analyzer  

Zond 265

Offline deep HEVC/EVC analyzer

Zond 265 allows you to decode, view and analyze HEVC and EVC bitstreams, clearly displaying all coding decisions and thoroughly checking syntax. It's an indispensable tool for developers of (H)EVC decoding, encoding and/or transcoding solutions.


Key Characteristic

Video H.265/HEVC
EVC (MPEG-5 part 1)
Frame Statistics Size, type, bit allocation, slices
Coding Units Coordinates, dimension, bit size. Inter- and intra-CU display
Prediction Units Spatial prediction mode of intra PU components. Inter PU motion vectors, reference lists and indexes
Transform Units Dimension and offset within CU. Luma and chroma coefficients before de-quantization

PC Support

OS Windows 7, 8, 10
Linux Ubuntu, debian-based 12.04 and above
Processor Core i7 920 or better
Ram 4GB or more


HEVC/EVC analyzer - Personal.
HEVC/EVC analyzer - Floating.
1 year software maintenance for DTC-354-HEVC-P.
1 year software maintenance for DTC-355-HEVC-FL.

Prices exclude applicable sales tax, shipping charges and customs duties. Quantity discounts may be available, please request a quotation.


  • Supports H.265/HEVC and EVC (MPEG-5 Essential Video Coding).
  • Shows histograms, motion vectors, time stamps, GOP length statistics, distribution of bits, reference lists, quantizers and more.
  • Shows coding decisions in the decoded image, e.g. color highlighting of frame type (I, B, P) and reference frames.


  • HEVC and EVC file validation.
  • Development of HEVC and EVC codecs.
  • Teaching of HEVC and EVC.


  • Zond screenshot 1
  • Zond screenshot 2
  • Zond screenshot 3
  • Zond screenshot 4

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